Welcome to My Blog!

HI! I’m Jess Muscat, a student currently studying Journalism and International Studies at UOW and a self-diagnosed twitter addict. I seriously can’t get enough of it.

I grew up in a little place called Currans Hill but have recently moved further south to the even smaller town of Wilton. Hello town of 4 shops! It’s exciting, I know!

I spent a good part of last year studying Media Journalism at TAFE for my HSC and absolutely loved it! We even had the opportunity to sit in the Channel 9 studios and watch Peter Overton present the news live one night.

I enjoy all things that require minimal effort; listening to music, watching too many TV shows and spending countless hours scrolling through my twitter and tumblr feeds. I told you, addicted! I’m also a big NRL fan; go the bunnies!

Deciding on university has been the biggest and best decision I’ve had to make yet. It’s only been a week, and I’m enjoying it so much. Oh that independent life… I cannot wait to see what the next four and a half years bring me.


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