MEDIAtor or Instigator?

What are the media being blamed for today and is this justified?”

The media is a highly influential medium in today’s society but I sometimes wonder if it’s doing more harm than good. Is the media acting as something that initiates and highlights problems with the world today or is it acting in a way that will resolve disputes? The media has every power possible to sway the populations opinions on issues and act as a basis for change. Newspapers and other forms of media act as the diary of society, so shouldn’t these issues being discussed by journalists reflect what society needs to hear?

The media is blamed for a lot that is said and done but I also believe that the media is blamed for issues just because they can be. Readers and viewers don’t have any one to take their anger out on, so the media and those whose jobs it is to inform, are blamed for issues they have no control over.

The age old ‘Television makes you fat’ is still one issue that is heavily debated over. Hundreds of articles have been written by journalists and bloggers alike, who are adament that sitting around watching television contributes to an individuals weight. In the past two weeks alone My Kitchen Rules has been placed in the top 5 highest rated shows on Australian television. This, in comparison to The Biggest Loser’s struggle to find viewers, aids the medias beliefs that TV in fact, is a high contributor to Australia’s ever growing waist line. From this we can see that TV is obviously a high contributor to the issue, but there are other reasons, left out to the medias discretion, that contribute to the issues of high weight gain. Contributing factors are often ignored by the media if they cannot find a way to fit it into their arguments. Yes, TV is very influential in this issue, but so is the high levels of inactivity in individuals lives.

Thanks to a fellow BCM110 student’s post on the twitter feed, I feel like this photo really sums up the media and everything they report on.




3 thoughts on “MEDIAtor or Instigator?”

  1. Well done for tackling the issue head on. However, I still think that there is a big gap between what one television show may depict (a cooking competition) and what people might do (eat too much). Watch out for those causal effects arguments…

  2. I really like that photo, it really shows how easily the media can influence the people it reaches. The ‘television make you fat’ argument is good, perhaps you could elaborate a little more on what other factors are relevant to the issue? Good going though! I love the quote in your tagline!

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