And Now, To Reflect


Upon  reflecting on the last six weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that BCM110 is the best class I’ve had to take, like ever. Who would have thought learning could be this much fun? Tuesdays just wouldn’t be the same without that hour of #BCM110 (ahem, most supportive twitter feed ever?)

We’ve covered quite a lot of content in the short time of six weeks, but many of the concepts and theories we have discussed, and had explained to us by The Chasers, have caught my interest. I think the Media Effects Model, and the content covered in our second lecture, was the topic that interested me the most. Even after doing a media journalism course all of last year, it’s still crazy to me that the media can plant such a clear ideas in someone’s mind about a particular topic. Although the media effects model is outdated, but slowly changing to fit into todays society, it is very persistent in getting its ideas across.

The topics covered have definitely challenged and changed the way I look at the media today. I feel that I now have the knowledge to recognise that articles are always going to contain bias and that both sides of a story will rarely be published, unless it benefits the company/ network. When looking at advertisements, I also have the ability to recognise and understand the denotations and connotations before me.

The one topic that I continue to struggle with is the idea of the mediated public sphere. Reading other BCM110 student’s blog posts has definitely helped me immensely, especially when I was trying to write my own post. I’m still unsure what it actually is that confuses me so much about the public sphere, but I struggle to wrap my head around it. I’m sure after a lot more research and acquiring of background information it will start to make a little bit more sense to me.

Now onto this weeks topic of Children and the Media… I thought I’d take it away from the sexualisation of children, and focus more on the exploitation of children in the media. Whenever this topic is bought up, my mind immediately jumps to TV shows such as Honey Boo Boo, Toddlers and Tiaras and Dance Moms. I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t religiously watched these shows, but because they are so ridiculous, they are so highly addictive.  Below is two youtube videos, created by TheFineBros, whose content is focused on you’re ‘average’ child/ teen reacting to viral, of the now, things. These two videos are exactly that, kids and teens reacting to the worldwide phenomenon of young girls and the media.

I think these videos show the juxtaposition between the ‘average/ normal’ kids and the ‘media exposed’ kids. As discussed in the ‘Teens React’ video, exposure to the media at such a young age can cause many problems later in life, like an extreme awareness of how they should dress, what they should look like and how they should present themselves. At such a young age of 3-6 years, that should be the least of these girls worries.

A lot of these shows are based on parental manipulation and parental ideologies. They make their children believe that they really want to be in these pageants, because that’s all they really know. They were exposed to this type of lifestyle at such a young age, and that’s what they were raised into believing they loved.




S.Turnbull, (Week 1-6), Lecture Slides



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