“How does this example of popular media text contribute to debate in a mediated public sphere?”

“A domain of our social life where such a thing as public opinion can be formed (where) citizens… deal with matters of general interest” -Jurgen Habermas

I’m sure there are many, many television shows I could talk about when it comes to discussing the mediated public sphere, but I decided to keep it close to home and talk about social media. More in particular, twitter and the ability to hashtag as a way of communicating. The use of hash tagging allows a forum for public debate #totallyawesomeright?

As always, some people are excluded from this style of public sphere, for reasons such as no internet connection, no twitter account or lack of knowledge of the topic/ how to access it in the first place. But isn’t this the case for everything? There’s always one thing that prevents someone from accessing and participating in something. According to blogger Expanded Ramblings, twitter has approximately 1 billion registered users (as of 16/9/2013), allowing for mass communication.

The public sphere is a place for discussion between groups of people/ users to debate on current issues without needing to be previously connected through follower networks. Twitter allows it’s users to view current trends of discussion through their ‘discover’ page. Trends can be tailored from worldwide, to country and even to specific cities. This allows relevant topics to be discussed with people from the same area or people with the same interests.

Australian Trends 14/4/14
Australian Trends 14/4/14

The ‘art’ of hash tagging comes in handy for a lot of television shows lately, allowing the networks to post viewers tweets on the screen, whilst the show is live. This allows viewers to interact with each other, share opinions on the show and gives producers ideas on how to improve. Shows such as Q and A, The Block and My Kitchen Rules, just to name a few, use this for viewers to get involved with the show. A lot of sporting teams also use this, for fans to keep up with games and current, relevant information regarding the team they support.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 7.11.16 pm
Just a little example


1 thought on “#mediatedpublicsphere”

  1. I think its great how you not only mentioned how people are involved in the public sphere but also how some are not able to be involved and are excluded to public information. It shows how unaware we can be if we are not part of a social media network. The quote at the top clearly defines what the public sphere is, and your post agrees with the quote perfectly, great work!

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