The News Is Definitely Limited



 “Why does it matter who ‘controls’ the media?”

Why does it matter to us so much who controls the media? We care so much because, whoever owns the media we immerse ourself in, influences what we get told in the first place. A lot of companies are bias in what they publish. Are we actually getting the full story, or just the parts that benefit the companies who produce said news?

In Australia, we have two major companies that control our newspapers and magazines; News Corp Australia and Fairfax Media. News Corp Australia, founded by Keith Murdoch and currently run by Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch, is one of Australia’s largest media based companies, with more than 8,000 staff members and approximately 3,000 journalists. News Corp Australia publish around 142 Australian newspapers in total. They also have an interest in magazine publication, internet based media, pay TV and the national rugby league. Fairfax Media, run by Greg Hywood and Roger Corbett, is also one of Australia’s leading media companies. They currently operate newspapers, magazines, radio stations and digital media throughout Australia and New Zealand. Gina Rinehart currently owns 14.99% of Fairfax Media and is actually involved in the editorial process of their publications.

With all this media ownership, trends occur and diversity of topics and opinions do not really differ. As newspapers are owned by the same few companies, particularly those stated above, the ideologies discussed do not vary that much. Each article tends to stem from another, to prove a point and to try and sway the readers opinion about certain topics. These media companies also use their hold over their Australian readers to, almost, force propaganda onto them. The owners of these companies find certain ways to weave their opinions and beliefs into articles written for their newspapers, magazines and online sites.


2 thoughts on “The News Is Definitely Limited”

  1. I really enjoyed the way you focused the post on Australian media rather than online consumption which we can get from anywhere. In the first paragraph you say ‘A lot of companies are bias in what they publish.’ It was be great to hyperlink this to some statistics, journal articles or research on sways in the media to make the statement a little bit stronger.

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