A Dancer’s Life | A Student Profile

Hannah B&W
“Dancing with your feet is one thing. Dancing with your heart is another” – Author Unkown

Hannah, current student and teacher of the art, can’t see herself giving up dancing anytime soon. The eighteen year old has been dancing since the age of three and still loves every minute of it. Even though she is involved in many styles of dancing- ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, contemporary and hip hop, she names ballet as her favourite.

” Although ballet consists of very intricate steps and demands precision, the style is carried out with grace”

Dance, a median that allows you to express emotions and stories through movement, is one of Hannah’s favourite things. She enjoys “having the opportunity to express” herself and finds that “the most rewarding aspect of a performance is taking the audience on the journey with you”.

If you ask around, many people will say that they view dance as an individuals activity, but Hannah doesn’t agree. Through the teamwork, a combination of tips and tricks from her classmates, Hannah has found that she has formed many lifelong friendships. Together, herself and these lifelong friends have battled through countless hours of training, rehearsal, competitions and recitals, allowing this group of girls to have formed a bond they couldn’t find anywhere else.

“Sharing the love of dance with some of your closets friends makes the experience that much more enjoyable”

The owner of many trophies and medallions that show off her experience, hard work, dedications and love, Hannah says her biggest achievement would have to be “maintaining an ‘honours’ average in both my ballet and tap examinations”. By achieving such great results through these exams, which spanned over a total of twelve years, Hannah was awarded with her teaching certificate, giving her the opportunity to pass her knowledge onto younger generations and be by their side when they have to take their own examinations.

Naming her own teachers as her biggest dance inspirations Hannah hopes she can inspire her own students through dance. Not only receiving advice on dance, Hannah’s current and childhood teachers have given her some very valuable life lessons that she thinks she will carry with her for a very long time to come.

“A lot of what I have learnt I aim to give back through teaching my students, as I know how significant my teachers influenced myself as a student”

Hannah doesn’t think she will be giving up dance anytime in the foreseeable future. Current University of Wollongong student, Hannah doesn’t wish to pursue a career in dance but enjoys having it there as a form of expression and entertainment. Her lesson load may dwindle but she believes she will be involved for as long as she is able to be.

“Having the opportunity to teach younger students allows me to be involved with dance in a different and additional perspective”


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