Is There Enough Room For Us All? | Journalism Today

Getting into the journalism industry has always been known as a very difficult process, but is it about to get even harder? Print media and the careers it offers up and coming journalist students are slowly on the decline. Do they give up these dreams or persevere?

As the print media jobs market tightens it is estimated that the number of employees is to drop to 18,871. Only recently, Fairfax announced major redundancies resulting in masses of staff on strike- Sydney Fairfax journalists (The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Canberra Times and Australian Financial Review) and staff from ICAC. A total of 30 photographers positions are being considered, leaving only 5 working photographers each for Sydney and Melbourne, as Fairfax is comfortable with using more Getty Images. Is this necessary, or will it place more stress on the staff allowed to stay? The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance has expressed their concern about the decrease in jobs and sending journalists overseas.

Many thought the sudden announcement of job cuts was due to The Age no longer being published, but editor-in-chief Andrew Holden tells staff that “it will remain for the foreseeable future”. Staff are expressing their concerns about the quality of the newspaper now that an estimated 80 staff will no longer be there.  The redundancies are set to see Fairfax increase profit by 48.5%- the first time to increase since 2010.

This isn’t the first time Fairfax have made this claim though. Back in 2012, it was announced that1900 jobs were to be cut over a 3 year period, to make way for the digital world. The cuts were estimated to save a total of $235 million. It would seem that jobs weren’t the only thing Fairfax were looking at cutting- newspapers were no longer being printed in broadsheet. It seems as though these big business cannot keep up with the advances of the online world.


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