The Organic Way | An Audio Reflection

Recording audio for this task wasn’t as difficult as I expected it to be. Even though I ended up picking up what I thought was to be unwanted sounds, I found it added an extra layer of depth to my finished product. Whilst I was recording sounds of walking and bees in the bushes, my audio recorder (trusty iPhone) picked up sounds of cars passing and airplanes flying overhead. At first I thought everything I recorded couldn’t be used and the morning spent working on the task was a waste of time, but after a little play around on garageband, I realised I could probably use these sounds to my advantage. That would be the only hiccup I found while working on this task; recording outside is unpredictable and you can’t always control your surroundings. Luckily for me it worked, as these sounds were then used as background noise. I didn’t find portraying my chosen place through sound as difficult either. Gardening uses many tools, so finding the right complimentary sounds was pretty easy.


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