The Role of Audiences Altered Forever?

Through the introduction of social media and the ever growing nature of the internet, the power of the media has grown so much. This allows anyone, anywhere, to broadcast a message for all to see. No longer are the days where you have to wait for the 6 o’clock news every evening. More people are resorting to online sources to stay updated with current events.

This system calls for an introduction and redefinition of media sources. In this case, there are two media forms- monologic and dialogic. Monologic media allows for the audience to simply listen, whereas dialogic media allows for audiences to talk back and respond to content creators, etc. The internet, by nature, is a dialogic media source.

The situation turns out to be a bit of a complicated one, as people are seeing both the positive and negative effects it is having on society. Dialogic media is seen as positive, in some cases, as the online world allows individuals to have a creative space (blogs, tumblr, instagram) and form friendships and connections. The negative side of dialogic media comes through with issues of cyberbullying, with features like anonymous messaging and comment sections.

YouTube allows creators and viewers alike to share videos across multiple platforms, which helps to spread awareness and create more traffic for some sites. Online communities can be formed because of this.


2 thoughts on “The Role of Audiences Altered Forever?”

  1. Hi there! I really enjoyed this post. I like the way you discussed the two main media forms (monologic & dialogic). The tone in which the blog is written is very easy to relate to and makes it easier to understand. The example of Youtube broadcasting videos across multiple platforms was very relavent as well!

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