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I was going to be that person that posted yet another blog on Harry Potter/ transmedia storytelling, but I thought I’d play around with another franchise.

I think the key point when looking at transmedia is understanding that it is a completely different thing to multimedia… Transmedia relies on multiple platforms to convey the key story to audiences. The online world has allowed for there to be an introduction of this sub-culture/ fandom life. Now, more than ever before, fans are able to take their love for films, television series, and celebrities to a whole new level. The story never has to end for them.

Supernatural Fan Art
Supernatural Fan Art

Supernatural, with a huge ten seasons under its belt, is widely known all around the world. But it isn’t simply a television series to some. A quick search on Tumblr will reveal thousands of blogs dedicated to their favourite characters, and even more posts relating to the show. Supernatural Wiki is a thing that exists for all the latest news on the show, the cast, and any upcoming events for fans to get involved in. Fans take the story into their own hands by writing fanfic (you can find that on your own if you’re really interested) and creating artworks. The American fantasy horror show even has an anime spin off series!

Supernatural: Anime Series Spinoff
Supernatural: Anime Series Spinoff

Transmedia is done with the intent of grouping everything into one story, and is done so to maximise the number of sources people can use to access the material. The idea is for fans to utilise the different media sites while still being engaged in what they’re ultimately interested in.


2 thoughts on “Supernaturally Into This”

  1. I like how you’ve compared multimedia to transmedia and why it’s not the same. Supernatural is a perfect example of transmedia storytelling as there are supernatural tv show series, toys, clothes, games and what not! This has definitely created fandom. I would recommend reading this post which shows what is the whole purpose of Transmedia storytelling is and why we do it! Why did they feel the need to show Supernatural content everywhere? “We tell stories across multiple media because no single media satisfies our curiosity or our lifestyle.”

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