Digital Transformation in the Art of Craft

This weeks topic reminded me a lot of what I did in my media arts class last semester. We spent a couple of lessons studying Sol LeWitt and his infamous wall drawings. There are many different types of technologies used throughout this process to encompass all of the transformations. Each one of LeWitt’s drawings have a set of instructions, distributed over the internet for others to recreate. The instructions, written originally by LeWitt, are shared online and available for people to print off, reproduce, photograph, and then reupload. In this class last semester, we were given the opportunity to take a copy of these instructions into a studio space and recreate what we thought it was to look like. Here is my attempt:


3 thoughts on “Digital Transformation in the Art of Craft”

  1. Great example of last weeks topic on the Digital Transformation, I especially loved how you used a personal experience as an example for the blog post as it makes it more personal and relatable. The step by step footage of you producing the art is extremely effective as a viewer, who really doesn’t know anything about the subject! Great Job!

  2. Really good blog post I liked how your video was effective and it related to last weeks topic of Digital Transformation, the only thing I can criticise is the clarity in your blog I wish i could have seen the drawing at the end properly. However, overall a really good post I liked how you used a personal experience as your example. Good Job.
    – M

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