That Cat Has More Instagram Followers Than Who??

So, I know the lecture was about twitter and our online persona but I thought I would focus on Instagram, pets, and this strange fame that has come with it all. Recently I have seen celebrities, YouTube stars, and regular Joe’s creating online accounts for their pets. It’s bizarre to me… Also awesome, but bizarre all the same. Most of these ‘famous’ pets have more followers than everyone I know has, combined. And by most, I mean all of them.

Norman and Bambie (@normieandbambiejenner


Kylie Jenner’s pooches have a crazy 412,000 follower count.

Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat)


Grumpy Cat, originally a meme online, has appeared on shows like Good Morning America and American Idol and has even featured in movies! She has 688,000 followers on Instagram.

Boo (@buddyboowaggytails)


Boo, a fluffy pomeranian, has over 17 million likes on Facebook and is the subject of four photo books.


5 thoughts on “That Cat Has More Instagram Followers Than Who??”

  1. I really love the approach you took on this week’s topic. Even though you didn’t talk about Twitter, your blog still relates to the themes, ideas, and issues about twitter and what was spoken about in the BCM112 lecture. I don’t even know who these animals are, and they have more followers on one platform than I do on all of mine combined! It’s amazing and really weird. I really enjoyed your post and now want to go find more animals on social media! You could have made a link to some of our readings, but I believe your post it awesome regardless of that.

  2. I feel this post had the potential to be really interesting – if only it was a bit longer! I too think it’s really odd that animals have twitter accounts that are followed by thousands. After all, the animal has no say and is in fact a tool which their owner uses for online publicity. I think you’ve highlighted an issue that would have benefited from some more critical thinking and analysis 🙂

  3. I think your post. I felt that this weeks lecture was how social media can help anyone be famous and your post shows that even animals can too! It is a little short and if you were to put links for each of the pets you talked about that would be good. So that people can follow up or see for themselves the actual account.

    1. Thankyou! I was a bit stuck on what to write so that’s why it turned out so short. There are links to each animals instagram accounts. If you click on the @username, it should take you to their page 🙂

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