Inside The Magic Garden


If you want to brighten up the place and bring colour into dull winter spaces, a terrarium is the right thing for you. These small zen-like gardens are ideal for people who sometimes forget about the importance of watering their plants. Terrariums require little maintenance and will live even if you forget to water them every now and again. Terrariums are all the rage lately, and for those who are still unsure on what they are, a terrarium is a miniature landscape of small plants that are, usually, grown in a transparent container. One benefit is that they’re not as hard to maintain as a Bonsai…

These spectacular gardens can be grown in absolutely anything. Items from around the house can be recycled and used. Anything from mason jars, vases and fish bowls can be used for your next project. Keep in mind that a container with a wide mouth makes it easier to plant. Terrariums are so appealing to many because they can be so different and so unique. The most common type of terrarium is one in an ‘open’ container, but ‘closed’ terrariums are favoured by some. If you would prefer to build a terrarium that has a lid, make sure to use plants that favour humid environments. Open terrariums can take almost every type of cactus, succulent and small houseplant.

Making a terrarium is super easy! They take very little time and are very inexpensive. All you need is:

  • A glass container
  • Plants
  • Small stones
  • Activated charcoal
  • Potting mix

After scouring high and low for the perfect, aesthetically pleasing glass container, you will need to add roughly 3cm of stones to the bottom. On top of that, add around 1-2cm of activated charcoal. These two layers are known as drainage layers and work together to soak up any excess water and help to avoid any rotting of plants. Add around 5cm of potting mix to your container, and plant as you wish. The amount of stones, charcoal and soil can be adjusted depending on the size of the container that is being used.

Caring for a terrarium is one of the easiest things to do. Make sure to place it in moderate to indirect sunlight. To water, it is best to use a spray bottle and pay mind to idea that terrariums do not need a lot of water. Every couple of weeks, or when the soil is looking especially dry, water until just damp. Don’t soak the soil, as this can lead to your plants rotting. Avoid fertilisers so excessive growth isn’t encouraged. There’s not much excess space in those things! If you favour a closed terrarium, make sure to take the lid off at least once a month to air it out. If you see condensation or over water it, leave the top off until it has had time to dry out.


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