The Battle Continues…

Ah, the age old debate. Apple vs Android? Will it ever end? Probably not…

In the video above, my brother (Android Fanboy) and I (Apple Addict) had a little friendly competition over whose device was better*. We thought we would see which phone had the best shortcuts (unlocking device and opening camera) before the LG G4 put my iPhone 6 to shame. The open nature of android devices lets users do things such as have animated backgrounds (this is now available on iPhone 6S’), change the font and even have multiple active screens open.

While Apple does have some redeeming qualities (easy to use and navigate, good quality camera, and seamlessly (debatable) syncing to other Apple devices), you have to wonder if the closed nature of iOS is driving users away. For more information about locked devices and generative platforms, take a look at this post from last semester.

*not accurate results.


2 thoughts on “The Battle Continues…”

  1. This post is very refreshing compared to the other ones I have seen. You humorously and visually determine the parallels and differences between Apple and Android using mobile devices and without using too many words, arguments could be established and the relevance of the weeks task was still at hand. Being an Apple user myself, it was quite interesting to note the benefits of using both an Apple iPhone and an Android interface. I don’t exactly agree on the fact that the closed iOS system is driving users away, in fact I think quite the opposite. In today’s busy age of constant notifications and constant access to the internet, there is little to no time for customisation or fiddly gadgets, especially when having to work and do home chores all at once – I believe that the close iOS system appeals to more people in that they know what they are going to get, they can customise to a certain extent and there is no room for unnecessary fiddly gadgets that are of no use. This isn’t to say that the Android open interface isn’t as good or worse of, simply that iOS is an easier technology to use in todays busy world and requires little effort in terms of customisation and accessibility. Very enjoyable post!

    1. Thanks! I totally agree. I like that Apple is a closed system- even if I had the option to customise it, I’m not sure that I would. My brother completely disagrees though. When I first complained about the new font that came with the latest iOS update he thought it was ‘stupid’ that we couldn’t change it what we wanted. It might just be because I’ve never had the ‘experience’ with an android phone and I’m just living life away in my little Apple bubble, but he’s tasted the freedom and he would never go back to a closed device.

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