The Keeper of Keys

As society picked up on the existence and potential of cyberspace around the 90’s, it turned from a niche attraction that was only accessed by some to an extremely mainstream place. It would actually probably be difficult to find someone who doesn’t use the internet for one thing or another these days. As cyberspace became more competitive and commercialised, the Walled Garden was introduced. Companies began to think it might be wise to control the content they were creating.

Apple, just one of many companies, did it by limiting who can ultimately access particular apps, content and media on their smartphone and other devices. They even took control of the software that, for the most part, stops these devices from getting viruses. You can read more about that here and here. These walled gardens are in place for the user and creates a safe and protected environment in a place that is actually full of free-flowing information. They’re there to help you too, though. “Oh, you want to view this web page? How about you download our free app from the App Store and take a look at it on there…” Not a day goes by where I’m not asked to be redirected to an app that will take up much needed storage space.


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