Social Network Revolutions

Digital activism is where digital tools are used to bring about social or political change and citizens of all nations are more inspired now than they have been before. The ease of social media and the instantaneous nature of sharing posts and videos is allowing for things to go viral, and fast. Online activism is quickly becoming popular thanks to things like fast mobilisation, mass involvement and scalable openness, and anyone who has access to the internet can get involved. The little infographic below just details some popular social media campaigns.

Untitled Infographic (1)

As I briefly mentioned in my last post, I first heard about the #BlackLivesMatter campaign through Tumblr, and that was solely because of mass involvement. So many people were reblogging and sharing these posts, at such a fast rate, that it was hard to ignore what was happening on the other side of the world. It took a little while, but traditional media sources eventually started reporting on the issues, while still utilising the already developed tag.

I will admit that I was really skeptical of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge when I saw it all over my Facebook feed. I think it’s safe to say it was a success though. The videos were still being made months after the campaign was being introduced and I even still occasionally see a video or two being shared around.

The Facebook profile filter was a fairly recent campaign, but the stats shown above show it was quite a success. Over 26 million Facebook users joined in to show their support to the LGQBT+ community. While some only had this as their profile picture for a day or two, the message was still spread out to the wider community.


1 thought on “Social Network Revolutions”

  1. I think that social media is a great tool for creating awareness which is why so many advertising and PR companies utalise this tool to create awareness for their brand or cause..the ALS Ice bucket challenge is a great example of a PR campaign creating awareness for the illness with the campaign really taking off with celebrities getting involved. such a success that they rasied enough money for research that they have recently made a breakthrough with curing the illness.

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