And Now, To Reflect

Upon  reflecting on the last six weeks, I've come to the conclusion that BCM110 is the best class I've had to take, like ever. Who would have thought learning could be this much fun? Tuesdays just wouldn't be the same without that hour of #BCM110 (ahem, most supportive twitter feed ever?) We've covered quite a lot… Continue reading And Now, To Reflect



"How does this example of popular media text contribute to debate in a mediated public sphere?" "A domain of our social life where such a thing as public opinion can be formed (where) citizens… deal with matters of general interest" -Jurgen Habermas I'm sure there are many, many television shows I could talk about when… Continue reading #mediatedpublicsphere

We’re Lovin’ All…?

 Swedish McDonalds Advertisement Discuss how your example of a controversial text operates as a sign in terms of its denotation and connotation. For controversial texts, this image is on point (controversial text game strong? no? okay…). A Swedish McDonald's ad campaign causes confusion and controversy over the web as it alludes to extreme notions of… Continue reading We’re Lovin’ All…?