My Four O’Clock My Four O’clock was created to compare and contrast the everyday life of your everyday person. This digital artefact captured a moment in time from the 18th April 2015 at 4pm. Instagram allowed for this to be captured as it simply showcases the photo with a caption which gave context to what was happening.… Continue reading My Four O’Clock


That Cat Has More Instagram Followers Than Who??

So, I know the lecture was about twitter and our online persona but I thought I would focus on Instagram, pets, and this strange fame that has come with it all. Recently I have seen celebrities, YouTube stars, and regular Joe's creating online accounts for their pets. It's bizarre to me... Also awesome, but bizarre… Continue reading That Cat Has More Instagram Followers Than Who??

Digital Transformation in the Art of Craft

This weeks topic reminded me a lot of what I did in my media arts class last semester. We spent a couple of lessons studying Sol LeWitt and his infamous wall drawings. There are many different types of technologies used throughout this process to encompass all of the transformations. Each one of LeWitt's drawings have… Continue reading Digital Transformation in the Art of Craft

Supernaturally Into This

I was going to be that person that posted yet another blog on Harry Potter/ transmedia storytelling, but I thought I'd play around with another franchise. I think the key point when looking at transmedia is understanding that it is a completely different thing to multimedia... Transmedia relies on multiple platforms to convey the key… Continue reading Supernaturally Into This

Remix Culture of the Little Black Dress

For this blog post, I thought I'd take a little break from the ever changing nature of the beloved internet and focus a bit more on fashion, and the emerging fashion trends. Whenever a new season starts, and trends are being set, we are constantly hearing phrases like "that's so 90's!!!"... I thought it might… Continue reading Remix Culture of the Little Black Dress