Conducting An Interview

My group and I have decided to look at the connection between the way the news is accessed and one's overall understanding of current events. We have decided to investigate news relevance, and what is more prominent (sensationalised or political). I decided to trial out some of the questions we drafted this week on two… Continue reading Conducting An Interview


What’s On Your Mind?

There isn't really a clear definition of what ethics ideally are, but the most commonly referred to one is "the widely agreed moral principles about what is right and wrong" (Tinkler, 2013). Ethics are widely-agreed moral principles about what is right and wrong, and what is proper and improper. Ethical research ensures the researcher is… Continue reading What’s On Your Mind?

What Is Media Research?

Media research is more than it implies; simply researching the media and its resources. To put it simply, research means 'to search for, to find' and is, in the end, looking for information about something(Berger, 2014). Media research in an investigation and there are a wide variety of methods used to gather information. We conduct… Continue reading What Is Media Research?