The Internet of Things

Ah, the last post of the semester. Let's talk about the Internet of Things (IoT). Should I make the Game of Thrones reference now, or save it for later? As suggested by it's name, the IoT is not just one little thing. It's made up of all the devices that connect the world around us-… Continue reading The Internet of Things


Metadata and Cyber-Surveillance

Surveillance in cyberspace isn't necessarily a new thing, we're just becoming more aware of who is housing all of this information. Every move we've ever made in the internet has been tracked and stored somewhere. Only then, we didn't know who had that information. The difference now is that we do, for the most part.… Continue reading Metadata and Cyber-Surveillance

The Keeper of Keys

As society picked up on the existence and potential of cyberspace around the 90's, it turned from a niche attraction that was only accessed by some to an extremely mainstream place. It would actually probably be difficult to find someone who doesn't use the internet for one thing or another these days. As cyberspace became… Continue reading The Keeper of Keys