Animal shelter to close down permanently after animal cruelty accusations

An online petition has sparked concern in the South-west after local shelter Renbury Farm was accused of animal abuse and neglect. The shelter worked closely with lost and surrendered animals from the Bankstown, Camden, Fairfield and Liverpool local government areas.


Inside The Magic Garden

If you want to brighten up the place and bring colour into dull winter spaces, a terrarium is the right thing for you. These small zen-like gardens are ideal for people who sometimes forget about the importance of watering their plants. Terrariums require little maintenance and will live even if you forget to water them… Continue reading Inside The Magic Garden

A Little Slice of Paradise | Bendalong Point Tourist Park

Bendalong Point Tourist Park, located on the south coast of New South Wales, is the perfect location for your next holiday adventure! It attracts anyone who is interested in surfing, fishing, swimming, bushwalking and relaxing. There’s really something for everyone. Located just 218km from Sydney and 135km from Wollongong, it’s the South Coasts own version… Continue reading A Little Slice of Paradise | Bendalong Point Tourist Park


The death of Freddie Gray broke the string on the camels back for a large portion of American citizens. There has been an outbreak of rioting in the US city of Baltimore following the funeral of Gray. Gray died on April 19 after suffering a spinal injury while in Baltimore Police custody. Unfortunately this isn’t… Continue reading #DontShoot

As of Today… Alex Seton | A Review

Sydney-based artist Alex Seton plays with the familiar in unfamiliar ways. Seton’s artistic practice incorporates elements of photography, video, sculpting and installation to investigate the complex relationship between form and substance. He is best known for marble carving and applying it to unexpected forms, whether that is blankets, hoodies, inflatables and national flags. This recreation… Continue reading As of Today… Alex Seton | A Review

Choreographing Life | A Profile

Dance enthusiast Emma White juggles her passion for learning and her passion to dance on an everyday basis. Just seventeen years old, she spends her days studying for her upcoming HSC exams and participating in five separate dance classes to set herself up for the future. Although she has struggled a bit with finding time… Continue reading Choreographing Life | A Profile

Pride Of The League | What Is Hidden?

This project originally started as an exploration of identity and the inability to stereotype sport fans by their looks, but as the interview process went on, it slowly started to change. After listening to Jason talk about his childhood and his memories of what it was like growing up in the heartland of the red… Continue reading Pride Of The League | What Is Hidden?