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Getting into the journalism industry has always been known as a very difficult process, but is it about to get even harder? Print media and the careers it offers up and coming journalist students are slowly on the decline. Do they give up these dreams or persevere?

As the print media jobs market tightens it is estimated that the number of employees is to drop to 18,871. Only recently, Fairfax announced major redundancies resulting in masses of staff on strike- Sydney Fairfax journalists (The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Canberra Times and Australian Financial Review) and staff from ICAC. A total of 30 photographers positions are being considered, leaving only 5 working photographers each for Sydney and Melbourne, as Fairfax is comfortable with using more Getty Images. Is this necessary, or will it place more stress on the staff allowed to stay? The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance has expressed their concern about the decrease in jobs and sending journalists overseas.

Many thought the sudden announcement of job cuts was due to The Age no longer being published, but editor-in-chief Andrew Holden tells staff that “it will remain for the foreseeable future”. Staff are expressing their concerns about the quality of the newspaper now that an estimated 80 staff will no longer be there.  The redundancies are set to see Fairfax increase profit by 48.5%- the first time to increase since 2010.

This isn’t the first time Fairfax have made this claim though. Back in 2012, it was announced that1900 jobs were to be cut over a 3 year period, to make way for the digital world. The cuts were estimated to save a total of $235 million. It would seem that jobs weren’t the only thing Fairfax were looking at cutting- newspapers were no longer being printed in broadsheet. It seems as though these big business cannot keep up with the advances of the online world.


Online Journalism vs Traditional Journalism | Journalism Today

Online journalism is slowly taking over as the more prominent form of media and communication. With its easy accessibility and guidelines (don’t steal that other guys work) online journalism seems the way to go. With social media in the game, we have access to news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s really nothing now that can stop someone from posting the news.

Traditional media sources, such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television, are being accessed less often, as more people are relying on the online world. The reason for this would be that people think it’s easier. As humans, we’re always looking for the fastest, and easiest solution. In today’s society Twitter and Facebook are the top two social media platforms used to receive information. According to Roy Morejon and his article ‘How Social Media is Replacing Traditional Journalism as a News Source’ some of the biggest news stories were broken via twitter. An example used was Whitney Houston’s death- twitter broke the news 27 minutes before the press. 

In the rush to be the person to post the story first, information can be left out, or entirely false. One problem with online journalism is that a lot of misinformation is floating around- and if the topic is widely discussed, almost everyone will believe that it’s true. Faine Greenwood shows us that not everything we read online is true.

Will this give more people the opportunity to become freelance writers? Karen Steen, senior editor for BNET says ” I encourage my bloggers to use tools like Google Trends and Google Insights to learn what topics they should be writing about. There, you can get the top 20 things people are searching for today.” Will this make a journalists job easier, knowing what to write about? Or does that just create even more competition?

The Future Is Now | Journalism Today


Journalism as we know it is starting to drastically change. More and more people are relying on their Facebook news feeds and twitter timelines to update them on current events rather than picking up a newspaper or switching on the television. What impact does this have on the print media sector? Should we be worried? Current University of Wollongong students don’t necessarily believe we should be. Four out of five students believe that print media is still necessary in today’s society, despite the fact that technology is constantly evolving.

“I would like to think that people will always like the novelty of physically holding their media. I personally will always buy a physical magazine or a book; it makes the experience special. In a world where we are surrounded and bombarded by media, it’s nice to be able to turn everything off, go run a nice bubble bath and read a book or magazine. Print media… will always be necessary” – Zoe Simmons

As students interested in working in the journalism industry, particularly in the field of writing, all of them seem confident about the future of journalism. When asked whether online journalism is t0 have a positive or negative effect on the future of the journalism industry, all of them said it will have a positive effect. First year journalism student, Jessica Shaftoe believes that “online journalism is really accessible and cheap, and… helps to reach a wider audience”. This idea can be showcased through online newspapers. Fifteen years ago it would have been so difficult to read a newspaper from a different country, but nowadays these resources are readily available for all. Natasha Clarke believes that “it’s a way of expanding the field. There’s access to more, new ways to report and collect information”.

One of the main concerns in journalism today is the decline in print media. More and more magazine and newspapers are being shut down due to lack of sales and viewership. Hopeful entertainment and sports journalist Em Carlon believes that even if magazines and newspapers are no longer being physically printed, they will remain in the online world. This belief worries Shaftoe, as more and more people will be looking to find, or keep their jobs in the industry of online journalism. She thinks there will be even more competition to get where she wants to go.

With both of their sights set on working for Cosmopolitan Magazine, Jessica Shaftoe and Zoe Simmons hold online journalism as a valid and trustworthy source. Others have their doubts on how much false information is shared via the internet. Simmons states “someone is still writing the articles and gathering information. [It is] no different from those working in print media. The only difference is how it’s presented.”

“People are still going to want reliable sources of news that they trust”- Em Carlon

A Dancer’s Life | A Student Profile

Hannah B&W

“Dancing with your feet is one thing. Dancing with your heart is another” – Author Unkown

Hannah, current student and teacher of the art, can’t see herself giving up dancing anytime soon. The eighteen year old has been dancing since the age of three and still loves every minute of it. Even though she is involved in many styles of dancing- ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, contemporary and hip hop, she names ballet as her favourite.

” Although ballet consists of very intricate steps and demands precision, the style is carried out with grace”

Dance, a median that allows you to express emotions and stories through movement, is one of Hannah’s favourite things. She enjoys “having the opportunity to express” herself and finds that “the most rewarding aspect of a performance is taking the audience on the journey with you”.

If you ask around, many people will say that they view dance as an individuals activity, but Hannah doesn’t agree. Through the teamwork, a combination of tips and tricks from her classmates, Hannah has found that she has formed many lifelong friendships. Together, herself and these lifelong friends have battled through countless hours of training, rehearsal, competitions and recitals, allowing this group of girls to have formed a bond they couldn’t find anywhere else.

“Sharing the love of dance with some of your closets friends makes the experience that much more enjoyable”

The owner of many trophies and medallions that show off her experience, hard work, dedications and love, Hannah says her biggest achievement would have to be “maintaining an ‘honours’ average in both my ballet and tap examinations”. By achieving such great results through these exams, which spanned over a total of twelve years, Hannah was awarded with her teaching certificate, giving her the opportunity to pass her knowledge onto younger generations and be by their side when they have to take their own examinations.

Naming her own teachers as her biggest dance inspirations Hannah hopes she can inspire her own students through dance. Not only receiving advice on dance, Hannah’s current and childhood teachers have given her some very valuable life lessons that she thinks she will carry with her for a very long time to come.

“A lot of what I have learnt I aim to give back through teaching my students, as I know how significant my teachers influenced myself as a student”

Hannah doesn’t think she will be giving up dance anytime in the foreseeable future. Current University of Wollongong student, Hannah doesn’t wish to pursue a career in dance but enjoys having it there as a form of expression and entertainment. Her lesson load may dwindle but she believes she will be involved for as long as she is able to be.

“Having the opportunity to teach younger students allows me to be involved with dance in a different and additional perspective”

ANNIEANDALL | An Interview

Youtube is a place for people to come when they want to express themselves, and that is exactly what 18 year old Annie has done. Using youtube as a platform to be heard, Annie regularly updates her channel annieandall with vlogs, updating her ever-growing subscribers with what has happened to her during the week.

Although fairly new to the youtube scene, with her channel being started in late 2013, Annie is involved in quite a few projects- keeping up with her main channel and being involved with a collab channel collaberaldamage 

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What Is One Thing You Would Change About UOW? | A UOW VOX POP

What is one thing you would change about UOW?

When posed with this question, students knew exactly what they wanted to say. Through posing this question, students informed us about the things they feel need to addressed to make UOW the ultimate place. Out of the fifteen or so students interviewed, only one or two thought that nothing needed to be changed and that UOW was as good as we can get it. On the other hand, roughly 50% of students shared the same belief on one thing that needed to be changed. Watch and find out what the one thing is!

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If You Could Be One Fictional Character, Who Would You Be? | A UOW VOX POP

If you could be one fictional character, who would you be?

When posed with this question, every single student asked for a moment to think. Each one experienced the same ‘oh my god, who would I be?’ moment. Minds went blank, thoughts were given, and not one student had the same answer as another. This really shows the diversity in individuals personalities, and their outlooks on life. Answers varied from your classic pop culture stars to lesser known anime characters.

Take a look at the video and leave me a comment below with which fictional character you would be if you had the chance!

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