Is There Enough Room For Us All? | Journalism Today

Getting into the journalism industry has always been known as a very difficult process, but is it about to get even harder? Print media and the careers it offers up and coming journalist students are slowly on the decline. Do they give up these dreams or persevere? As the print media jobs market tightens it is… Continue reading Is There Enough Room For Us All? | Journalism Today


Online Journalism vs Traditional Journalism | Journalism Today

Online journalism is slowly taking over as the more prominent form of media and communication. With its easy accessibility and guidelines (don’t steal that other guys work) online journalism seems the way to go. With social media in the game, we have access to news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s really… Continue reading Online Journalism vs Traditional Journalism | Journalism Today

The Future Is Now | Journalism Today

Journalism as we know it is starting to drastically change. More and more people are relying on their Facebook news feeds and twitter timelines to update them on current events rather than picking up a newspaper or switching on the television. What impact does this have on the print media sector? Should we be worried?… Continue reading The Future Is Now | Journalism Today

A Dancer’s Life | A Student Profile

Hannah, current student and teacher of the art, can’t see herself giving up dancing anytime soon. The eighteen year old has been dancing since the age of three and still loves every minute of it. Even though she is involved in many styles of dancing- ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, contemporary and hip hop, she names… Continue reading A Dancer’s Life | A Student Profile

ANNIEANDALL | An Interview

Youtube is a place for people to come when they want to express themselves, and that is exactly what 18 year old Annie has done. Using youtube as a platform to be heard, Annie regularly updates her channel annieandall with vlogs, updating her ever-growing subscribers with what has happened to her during the week. Although fairly… Continue reading ANNIEANDALL | An Interview

What Is One Thing You Would Change About UOW? | A UOW VOX POP

What is one thing you would change about UOW? When posed with this question, students knew exactly what they wanted to say. Through posing this question, students informed us about the things they feel need to addressed to make UOW the ultimate place. Out of the fifteen or so students interviewed, only one or two… Continue reading What Is One Thing You Would Change About UOW? | A UOW VOX POP

If You Could Be One Fictional Character, Who Would You Be? | A UOW VOX POP

If you could be one fictional character, who would you be? When posed with this question, every single student asked for a moment to think. Each one experienced the same ‘oh my god, who would I be?’ moment. Minds went blank, thoughts were given, and not one student had the same answer as another. This… Continue reading If You Could Be One Fictional Character, Who Would You Be? | A UOW VOX POP