Pride Of The League | What Is Hidden?

This project originally started as an exploration of identity and the inability to stereotype sport fans by their looks, but as the interview process went on, it slowly started to change. After listening to Jason talk about his childhood and his memories of what it was like growing up in the heartland of the red… Continue reading Pride Of The League | What Is Hidden?


The Organic Way | An Audio Reflection

Recording audio for this task wasn’t as difficult as I expected it to be. Even though I ended up picking up what I thought was to be unwanted sounds, I found it added an extra layer of depth to my finished product. Whilst I was recording sounds of walking and bees in the bushes, my… Continue reading The Organic Way | An Audio Reflection

The Brewery | Person & Place

Jason Muscat, home-brew enthusiast talks about his connection with and interest on the processes behind brewing beer, all hand-made in his little sanctuary known to family and friends as The Brewery. To most, The Brewery is just a garage, but to him it is so much more. After years of playing around, experimenting and building,… Continue reading The Brewery | Person & Place