Beyond The Wall

This project allowed me to experiment with the idea of artificiality and corporate dominance. The environment is still recognisable to us, since it’s evolving at the same pace we are, but technology is starting to encroach on humanity. Wherever we look, there seems to be some form of advertising shoved down our throats. These concepts were brought to my attention through the film Blade Runner (Director’s Cut) and the book that influenced that Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Phillip K. Dick. My aim with ‘Beyond The Wall’ was to create a dream-like environment that showcased how our environment once was; all green grass and animals. It then jumps into how we are living in a world that is run by big corporations and how we have become a consumerist culture.

This cine-roman is also influenced by William Gibson’s (@GreatDismal) twitter feed. Gibson retweeted a lone tweet about sci-fi through the ages, which influenced my decision to focus on environmental change through time. Both Gibson’s retweet and ‘Beyond The Wall’ end up at the Apple Store, which showcases how humans are drawn to the evolution of new technologies.


The audio used throughout was simply there to serve as ambient background noise. It doesn’t focus on anything in particular but the digital sounds created throughout. The creator of this describes the sounds as addictive, habitual and subconscious, which reflects perfectly on how individuals act today.


Now You See Me…


Oxford dictionary defines uncanny as “strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way”. The example used is ‘an uncanny feeling that she was being watched’ and that really got me thinking. The idea behind this photo series was the idea of being watched by somebody in the distance. Freud’s exploration into the uncanny targeted childhood fears, focusing on a child’s fear of losing their eyes. Being watched is more a fear of mine now, as opposed to a childhood fear. The idea of being watched online inspired the meaning behind all of this. After watching Cyberbully I created my own depiction to explore this further. I tried to capture the notion of uncanny through the literal representation of looking through a pair of binoculars and through different camera techniques. Black and white images were used over colour to highlight shadows created through artificial lighting and as a means to not distract the viewer from where their eye needed to be.


After researching ‘authority’, the one thing that stood out to me was “the right to control”. This project allowed me to experiment with noises (whether they be natural or modified) that, sometimes, consciously or subconsciously attract our attention. My aim with ‘Control’ was to take ambient sounds we are somewhat familiar with and exercise the control they have over our thought processes. I decided to play with the idea that I, the creator, have absolute control over what my audience is listening to. This task was made with the intention to be quite literal in relation to what you are listening to. This can be heard through the sounds of glass shattering, a clicking pen, and familiar tones found on our mobile phones.


Flat Line (55 seconds)

Talking Crowd (13- 23 seconds) 

Glass Shattering (30 seconds)

“Help Me” (48 seconds)