Beyond The Wall

This project allowed me to experiment with the idea of artificiality and corporate dominance. The environment is still recognisable to us, since it’s evolving at the same pace we are, but technology is starting to encroach on humanity. Wherever we look, there seems to be some form of advertising shoved down our throats. These concepts… Continue reading Beyond The Wall


Now You See Me…

Oxford dictionary defines uncanny as “strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way”. The example used is ‘an uncanny feeling that she was being watched' and that really got me thinking. The idea behind this photo series was the idea of being watched by somebody in the distance. Freud’s exploration into the uncanny targeted childhood fears, focusing on… Continue reading Now You See Me…


After researching ‘authority’, the one thing that stood out to me was “the right to control”. This project allowed me to experiment with noises (whether they be natural or modified) that, sometimes, consciously or subconsciously attract our attention. My aim with ‘Control’ was to take ambient sounds we are somewhat familiar with and exercise the… Continue reading Control