Lifespan of Devices in the Family Home

It's rare for any one individual to not have some old tech/ devices laying around the family home. Take a look at what was currently found in the house of an average older family. The Uni Student The Everyday Tech "I'm a big lover of Apple, okay? I've never been a total tech head who loves… Continue reading Lifespan of Devices in the Family Home


The Battle Continues…

Ah, the age old debate. Apple vs Android? Will it ever end? Probably not... In the video above, my brother (Android Fanboy) and I (Apple Addict) had a little friendly competition over whose device was better*. We thought we would see which phone had the best shortcuts (unlocking device and opening camera) before the LG… Continue reading The Battle Continues…

The Keeper of Keys

As society picked up on the existence and potential of cyberspace around the 90's, it turned from a niche attraction that was only accessed by some to an extremely mainstream place. It would actually probably be difficult to find someone who doesn't use the internet for one thing or another these days. As cyberspace became… Continue reading The Keeper of Keys